✍️Register Wallet

Register your wallet for reduced fees.

If you're a $CONTRAX token holder with tokens that are equal to or greater than 0.1eth, then you'll qualify for 0 fees using the bot. Here's what it looks like after hitting this button:

To register your wallet, you'll need to transfer any amount of eth from your wallet that is holding $CONTRAX tokens to your contrax wallet.

After transferring the funds, simply enter the txn (not the url) hash of the transaction.

The bot will then verify the amount of tokens you're holding, check how much they're worth, and register your wallet accordingly.

The bot will always run this check on your registered wallet prior to calculating deploy fees, so if you've accumulated additional tokens over time and your wallet is registered, the bot will always conduct the check prior to your deployment to accurately reflect the fees you'll incur.

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