📜Create Contract

Let's begin with the first option.

Create Contract will display the following after it's clicked:

Simply choose which blockchain you'd like to deploy on. Currently the bot only supports ETH and BSC , however additional chains will be added in the near future.

Let's select Etherem (erc20) since it has more than 1 type of contract that we can deploy.

Clicking this button takes us to options regarding the type of contract we'd like to deploy. If you're not sure what the difference is, simply hit the What's the difference button to figure out which type of contract you'd like to move forward with.

For this example, we'll move forward with the Standard CA option.

After answering the bot's questions regarding your configuration, you'll be met with a confirmation screen like so:

If all looks good here, you can go ahead and click Deploy Contract , otherwise, feel free to click Change Configuration to edit the configuration of your contract.

After clicking Deploy Contract you'll be met with a prompt to confirm the fees associated with the deployment.

The $CONTRAX fee is the fee correlated to your $CONTRAX token holdings. If the wallet you've registered with is holding tokens that are equal to or greater than 0.1eth, then you will not incur any fees, however, if you are holding less than this, you will incur 0.1 fee in addition to the gas deployment fee. The deployment gas fee is associated with the blockchain fees incurred on any smart contract deployment.

If all looks well, simply click confirm and you'll be met with the success confirmation message:

The bot will then attempt to auto-verify the contract right after a successful deployment.

If verification fails, simply hit the Retry Verification button.

It will attempt to verify again, and you should be met with a success message this time.

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